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Ask Finnegan

Welcome to the Lovell Historical Society Online Collections Database!

Who was Finnegan?

Finnegan, an Irish Setter of impeccable breeding, was a distinguished member of the Lovell Historical Society and worked at the Society's 1839 Kimball-Stanford House for eleven years. He was our official greeter, and was world renowned for his friendly demeanor and eagerness to serve our guests as a knowledgeable and energetic guide.

“Finnegan is the ideal name for our online database,” the Historical Society’s Curator Catherine Stone explains. “This fine dog was an upstanding member of the local community, and had an intimate understanding of the entirety of our collection placed under the 3-foot mark. All visitors to the Research Center were greeted warmly and treated with dutiful attention: particularly if they happened to have treats in their pockets. His unending eagerness to please mirrors the Society’s eagerness to provide as much information as possible to those interested in Lovell’s incredible history.”

In recognition of the important role he played, it is only natural that Finnegan serve as a "guide" dog in your journey to explore our extensive online database. Ask Finnegan!