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Name Smith, David Stearns (1940-2010)
Born Oct. 10, 1940
Birthplace Portland, ME
Places of Residence Lovell
Largo, FL
Father David Kenneth Smith
Mother Sarah (Stearns) Smith
Notes Buried at Cemetery No. 4 (I1, 6A)
Deceased Jun 17, 2010

Associated Records

David K. Smith Collection - 1998.19.0001

Unless specified, the following material is located in an 11x17 archival storage box: Income Tax Records for David K. & Sarah Smith, 1949-1959 23 Unidentified Photos Family Photo Album of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Arthur Smith 44 Pieces of Correspondence of David K. Smith to David S. Smith - Hand Decorated Envelopes: 1981 (1); 1983 (3); 1984 (3); 1990 (37) News clipping "8 Year Old Got His Mom Back" by David K. Smith Correspondence:Frank Stearns to Sarah (Stearns) Smith, Jan. 11, 1946 Avis Stearns Farrington to Sarah (Stearns) Smith, May 9, 1940 Flora Gerry to David S. Smith, 1940 David K. Smith to Sarah Stearns David K. Smith to Sarah Stearns, 1934 David K. Smith to Sarah Stearns, 1940

Lovell Cemetery Records, Volume I & II - 2007.31.0001

An update of Lovell's Cemetery Records, originally compiled by Irene St. Germain in 2006 and 2007. A major update was done in 2015. Volume I has an index of names to be found in all Lovell cemeteries and the details on the #4 Cemetery . Volume II has the details on the Center Lovell Cemetery, Fox Cemetery, Lord Cemetery, North Lovell Cemetery, Village, West Lovell Cemeteries, private cemeteries, and an Appendix. The Appendix contains information that was included in the Lovell Cemeteries Record prepared by the Genealogical Committee of the Molly Ockett Chaper D.A.R. in 1984 which is not included in the Lovell Cemetery Records prepared by Irene St. Germain in 2007. The records can also be vi

Image of David Smith & Deer - 1998.19.0002

David Smith & Deer - 1998.19.0002

David S. Smith and his first deer (on left), shot at Horseshoe Pond on November 4, 1961. Identified with him is Valerie and Gomey.

Image of David Smith - 1998.19.0005

David Smith - 1998.19.0005

Portrait of David S. Smith.

Image of David Smith, 1990 - 1998.19.0006

David Smith, 1990 - 1998.19.0006

David Smith standing at a pier in St. Petersburg, dated April 1990.